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CFOs: When interviewing for your next role, make sure you have one of these

Yes, having a resume is important. So is a LinkedIn profile. I’ve blogged previously about whether a CFO needs a resume, or a LinkedIn Profile is enough.

But this is not what I’m recommending today.

I recently spoke with a CFO who is in process of interviewing for his next Chief Financial Officer role, and he was asked if he had Video of his presentations.

Yes, the CEO wanted to know how good a presenter he was, and wanted to see him in action.

Do you have videos of presentations you’ve made as CFO?

    • If you don’t, I recommend arranging to get your next presentations recorded.
    • If you do have video, and you think you could do a better job at presenting, consider getting presentation coaching.

Your next CFO role might depend on it.


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3 thoughts on “CFOs: When interviewing for your next role, make sure you have one of these

  1. Samuel – That is an excellent idea, especially for people seeking to increase their visibility. My question is, should these presentations be posted on YouTube, or archived and emailed or otherwise made available? CFOs tend to present information that shouldn’t be known by outsiders, unless required by the SEC. What is the best way to accommodate a request such as this?

    Posted by Chris Shumate | May 21, 2013, 9:25 AM
    • Chris,

      Excellent points.

      It is possible to create ‘private’ videos on YouTube, so that might be an effective option. Another could be to have them on USB keys (old school), or in a Dropbox or some other private place in the cloud that can be shared. I’m sure there are other technology solutions to the challenge you bring up.

      Sometimes companies keep public presentations in their investor relations part of their site, so that could be an option. However, I would recommend the CFO keep their own ‘best of’ channel for future needs.

      Is it too early to think that CFOs will need their own professionally edited highlight video as a marketing tool? I don’t think we’re there just yet.

      Posted by Samuel Dergel | May 21, 2013, 10:15 AM


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