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VIDEO: Webinar Presentation – CFO Succession: The Right Way to Grow your Company’s next CFO

On May 23, 2013 I presented this Webinar on Proformative. To get more information on this presentation, please view this blog. Links referred to in this presentation: CFO Moves Blog: Why do CFOs Leave? Blog: CFOs: Do you want to become a Controller? This CFO did just that. If you have any questions on CFO Succession, please … Continue reading

Different companies need different CFOs

CFOs are capable people. Sometimes, when a CFO is actively looking for their next opportunity, they are less selective in the type of company or CFO role that they choose. When they make a career choice that is not appropriate for them, they can spend years trying to repair the choice they made. 2013 has … Continue reading

LinkedIn vs. Resume – The discussion continues

CFO Coach Cindy Kraft blogged CFOs and LinkedIn, the Evolution. The blog discusses the story of a recruitment firm that would only be focusing on working with CFOs that have a LinkedIn Profile. My readers will know that I am a big proponent of LinkedIn for CFOs (or any other executive). You can read my … Continue reading

On the road to CFO, there are winners, and there are losers

A recent article caught my attention on this subject from The Sydney Morning Herald by Malcolm Maiden titled “Fegan exits Telstra after CFO snub” . The article discusses Telstra’s recent appointment of their new CFO, Andy Penn. Mr. Penn, former chief executive at AXA Asia Pacific, was hired after a through CFO Search, from both inside … Continue reading

When hiring a CFO, is LinkedIn the place to look?

A recent blog piece on ERE.net called Fishing in a Small Pond discusses, from the recruiter and company perspective, whether LinkedIn is the best source for candidates when looking to hire. Our own research shows that LinkedIn is not as great a source for CFO candidates as people think. Our CFO Moves Blog, which is the … Continue reading

Executive Search: Do CFOs understand the difference between Cost & Value?

Last week I wrote 4 Reasons you should use an Executive Search Firm when hiring your CFO. Cindy Kraft brought to my attention a poll that was running in SmartBrief for Finance. These are the results of the poll. I agree with Cindy’s analysis of the poll results. I find it interesting that it is OK for CFOs to … Continue reading

4 Reasons you should use an Executive Search Firm when hiring your CFO

As CEO, Board Member, or VP of Human Resources of your organization, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to hire a CFO. Some companies take the decision to perform a search for their next CFO by themselves. This is a mistake. In past blog postings, I have detailed the reasons you … Continue reading

Is it time to replace your CFO?

There have been lots of topics online recently about the need for a CFO. Some of these articles have been referred to in my previous blogs. I recently realized that these articles and blogs talk only about bringing a Chief Financial Officer on board, but do not about replacing a CFO. I’m very pro-CFO. I … Continue reading

“Get a CFO on board when you are ready to take on the world”

The title is a quote from Fred Wilson, a VC and Principal at Union Square Ventures, who recently wrote a blog titled “VP Finance vs CFO”. It’s an interesting blog – you should read it. It certainly got a lot of attention in the social media space (CFO, Tech and VC subsector) in the time since … Continue reading

The First 90 Days of a New CFO

Contrary to the way many people in the recruitment industry work, the successful placement of a CFO does not stop once an offer of employment is accepted by the new CFO. Actually, this is one of the most critical stages in the successful hire of a new CFO – Transition. If you look at the … Continue reading

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