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CFOs, Are You Doing Your Job?

As an executive search professional that focuses on the office of the CFO, I am involved with the hiring of Chief Financial Officers for companies. Unless I am working to help a company hire their first CFO, the mandate I have is to replace a current CFO or a Chief Financial Officer that has left. … Continue reading

5 Most Popular Names for CFOs (2013 Edition)

You may be aware of a blog that I put out weekly called CFO Moves. This blog is the most comprehensive report of CFO Movement across the United States. (We also have CFO Moves Canada and CFO Moves UK). In the past year, CFO Moves announced over 1,000 new CFOs that were hired, not counting … Continue reading

CFOs: When interviewing for your next role, make sure you have one of these

Yes, having a resume is important. So is a LinkedIn profile. I’ve blogged previously about whether a CFO needs a resume, or a LinkedIn Profile is enough. But this is not what I’m recommending today. I recently spoke with a CFO who is in process of interviewing for his next Chief Financial Officer role, and he was asked if … Continue reading

Different companies need different CFOs

CFOs are capable people. Sometimes, when a CFO is actively looking for their next opportunity, they are less selective in the type of company or CFO role that they choose. When they make a career choice that is not appropriate for them, they can spend years trying to repair the choice they made. 2013 has … Continue reading

Top 12 Samuel’s CFO Blogs of 2012

2012 sure has been an interesting year. And I’m looking forward to 2013! I’m looking forward to: Working with my clients at Stanton Chase and providing them with excellent service and value in retained executive search. Staying close to CFOs in my network, and continuing to add value to their businesses and careers. Continuing my … Continue reading

Your Next CFO

Dear Reader, I came across this article that I was interviewed for that originally was published this past June. In doing a Google search, it came to my attention. I hope you find the article of interest. (On a separate note, have you ever Googled yourself?) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Too often, companies only miss good chief financial … Continue reading

The New CFO and your Finance Team: Who Stays? Who Goes?

Congratulations! You have been selected as Company XYZ’s new CFO. The selection process was long and difficult, and you have been chosen as the Chief Financial Officer of the Company. The announcement has been made, and you have the opportunity to meet the key people on your Finance Team. Each leader on the Finance Team … Continue reading

5 Most Popular Names for CFOs (2012 Edition)

What do you call your CFO? If your company hired or promoted a CFO in the past year in the United States, there is a good chance your CFO may have the following first name. Men Michael / Mike John David / Dave Steve / Steven / Stephen Mark / Marc Women Mary Christine Karen … Continue reading

Investor Relations for the New CFO – 6 Steps for IR Success

This Blog was written by David Calusdian, Executive Vice President and Partner at Sharon Merrill, a Boston-based investor relations strategic consultancy. A special thank you to Dennis Walsh at Sharon Merrill for co-ordinating this valuable piece for CFOs on an important topic. As the new CFO of a publicly held company, somewhere on your extensive “to … Continue reading

The Fresh CFO (and 5 ways to say Fresh)

Last week I wrote that No Employer wants a Stale CFO. While we can agree that a Stale CFO is not desired, staying Fresh takes hard work. The most important thing for a CFO to do to stay Fresh is to budget. When I ask CFOs why they do not make staying Fresh a priority, … Continue reading

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