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CFOs: IPOs are coming back. Are you ready?

Initial Public Offerings were hot commodities in the early and mid oh-oh’s. Most finance leadership reading this blog remember those days well, and some of you did very well financially because of it. The recession that occurred towards the end of the last decade put a stop to that IPO train. Companies needing capital for … Continue reading

VIDEO: Webinar Presentation – CFO Succession: The Right Way to Grow your Company’s next CFO

On May 23, 2013 I presented this Webinar on Proformative. To get more information on this presentation, please view this blog. Links referred to in this presentation: CFO Moves Blog: Why do CFOs Leave? Blog: CFOs: Do you want to become a Controller? This CFO did just that. If you have any questions on CFO Succession, please … Continue reading

Top 12 Samuel’s CFO Blogs of 2012

2012 sure has been an interesting year. And I’m looking forward to 2013! I’m looking forward to: Working with my clients at Stanton Chase and providing them with excellent service and value in retained executive search. Staying close to CFOs in my network, and continuing to add value to their businesses and careers. Continuing my … Continue reading

LinkedIn vs. Resume – The discussion continues

CFO Coach Cindy Kraft blogged CFOs and LinkedIn, the Evolution. The blog discusses the story of a recruitment firm that would only be focusing on working with CFOs that have a LinkedIn Profile. My readers will know that I am a big proponent of LinkedIn for CFOs (or any other executive). You can read my … Continue reading

5 Reasons why Talent Development is a Challenge for CFOs

Ever meet a CFO who wasn’t busy? I didn’t think so. CFOs have lots of demands on their time. Unfortunately, when CFOs do not manage their priorities properly, they can end up with surprises. As someone who has received calls from CFOs in a panic when a key person on their team has left, I … Continue reading

CFOs need to understand these HR numbers.

I was interviewed last week on DriveThruHR with Brian Wempen. (You can listen to the interview here). We discussed the relationship between Human Resources and Finance. Being that the audience was mostly HR people, I challenged these HR people to understand how to become valuable to the CFO and the Finance Team. This week, I … Continue reading

The best time of the year to hire is…

… Summer. Most people would think that summer is the worst time to hire because people are on vacation and business slows down over the summer months. From my experience, summer is the best time to hire. Executives are spending less time in meetings. They have time do the important things they haven’t had time … Continue reading

A New Intersection for Finance & Human Resources?

Will the sometimes tenuous relationship between HR and Finance get more involved? A new proposed disclosure on Human Capital, developed by a committee at SHRM chaired by Lauri Bassi, CEO of McBassi & Co., is in process of being considered by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). David McCann wrote an article on the proposed Human … Continue reading

Executive Search: Do CFOs understand the difference between Cost & Value?

Last week I wrote 4 Reasons you should use an Executive Search Firm when hiring your CFO. Cindy Kraft brought to my attention a poll that was running in SmartBrief for Finance. These are the results of the poll. I agree with Cindy’s analysis of the poll results. I find it interesting that it is OK for CFOs to … Continue reading

4 Reasons you should use an Executive Search Firm when hiring your CFO

As CEO, Board Member, or VP of Human Resources of your organization, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to hire a CFO. Some companies take the decision to perform a search for their next CFO by themselves. This is a mistake. In past blog postings, I have detailed the reasons you … Continue reading

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